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“Geniuses are just people who had good mothers.”
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Monday, April 1, 2013

April fool

last weekend my bil frm spore fly to kl to visit us ,only him and wife yg dtg,the children they left with their maid.
purpose? only to visit me n my sil yg br bt operation buang rahim tu. pity at her, she knew she hav 2 cancer at stage 1, 1 rahim dh buang (case close) and this week kalau x silap she going for 2nd operation for breast cancer. left breast tp x la buang breast, buang 2 lump yg ada.
so my bil belikn me n her 2 boxes pati ikan haruan. selain tu, he buy for me this L  size medela brestshield.
kan haritu mereka sponsor new mini medela brest pumo, tp cup tu M size yg x sesuai dgn boob saya yg bsr ni... suh daddy belikn katanya puas dh call few bb shop xde stock la,so he ask his sil frm spore ni beli. tgk le regenye... SD$31.90
hubby want to pay her 100 but she refuse to take, paksa punya paksa,akhirnya she take la 50. thank sis
so daddy ckp, mommy now u can start pumping milk huhu
serius ai malas nk pump, kalau abbie dulu gigih 2jam sekali pump.
ni sbb enak ddk rmh n direct feed, rela basahkn breast pad n tukarpad dr pump susu hohoho

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