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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brown Rice vs Red Rice

Red Rice ( Beras Merah)

- Red rice is a type of unpolished rice that has higher nutritional value than white rice or polished rice.
- Cooking time is usually longer than white rice and has a nutty flavor and sweeter taste.
- It is rich in fiber content, Vitamin B1 & B2, iron and calcium.
- It is highly recommended for heart patients and diabetics.
- It is also popular among health freaks and fitness enthusiasts as its high fiber content helps gain less weight.

Benefit of Red Rice:
1) Fiber
Red rice benefits one in the same way as whole grain foods. It is loaded with fiber. Fibers are stored in the gastrointestinal passage for a long time, thus they keep our stomach full and keep supplying us with energy. With increased fiber intake, hunger pangs are less and calorie intake is automatically restricted. People on diet or weight loss regime are thus recommended red rice instead of white polish rice. Fibers also help prevent cancer, gallstones, childhood asthma and controls obesity.

2) Anti-oxidants
Red rice being whole grains is a good source of three kinds of anti-oxidants, water soluble, insoluble and fat soluble. These oxidants are multifunctional and keep releasing energy for a longer period of time. The fact that anti-oxidants guard our heart, consumption of red rice becomes more crucial to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3) Minerals
Red rice contains most of the minerals as it contains a part of bran in it. This is one of the most important benefits of red rice. It contains magnesium and calcium in large quantities. Magnesium helps reduce asthma, migraine attacks, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of heart attacks. It also helps regulate the nervous system and tones our muscles. Magnesium together with calcium helps build strong bones and prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

4) Lignan
Lignans converted to enterodiole and enterolactone are inversely related to death. Red rice is a source of plant lignan that protects us from death as it gets converted to enterodiole and enterolactone. This is one of the lesser known benefits of red rice which cannot be ignored at any cost.

5) Lowers Cholesterol, diabetes, reduces risk of cancer and fights obesity
Red rice is a source of carbohydrate that supplies us energy as well as the nutrients of bran oil that is Omega-3 fatty acids. It is because red rice has some part of bran left on it. Bran oil is believed to reduce cholesterol or LDL-low density lipoprotein, cholesterol which is the root cause of many diseases. Fibers present in red rice are extremely healthy for heart. Red rice helps keep blood sugar levels at normal and highly beneficial for diabetic patients. It also helps minimize risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and many other types of cancers. Because they keep away hunger, it is highly beneficial for obese, as they tend to reduce frequency of food intake. Thus consumption of red rice is beneficial in preventing and controlling many deadly diseases.

Brown Rice ( Beras Perang)

The brown rice differentiates from white rice in not just the color but also the nutrition. Brown rice is essentially the same as white rice, in the fact it comes from the same plant. Though both brown and white rice originate from the same plant the difference lies in their hulling process. When only the outermost cover is reduced, we get brown rice. Further hulling and polishing results to rice to become white in color.
Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice and also contains higher levels of vitamin E, vitamin B1, B3, B6, and minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron.

Benefit of Brown Rice :
1) Prevents colon cancer- Consuming brown rise reduces the risk of colon cancer. This health benefit of tice is due to the selenium content present in brown rice. Also, the fiber content in brown rice is high which helps the colon in a long way.

2) Ensures proper bowel movements- As brown rice is rich in dietary fiber, it ensures proper bowel movements. Brown rice health benefits also include prevention of constipation and digestion related problems.

3) Prevention of asthma: Brown rice consumption is also said to decrease wheezing problems. As per the scientists, brown rice reduces the risk of childhood asthma in children by 50%.

4) Controls blood sugar and blood pressure- Brown rice helps in controlling blood pressure and also is proved to be effective in controlling blood sugar.

5) Good for heart- Brown rice health benefits also comprise of having a healthy heart. The fiber present in brown rice controls the cholesterol and thus prevents heart diseases.

6) Helps avoid atherosclerosis – The dietary fiber present in rice helps in preventing atherosclerosis and is one of the major health benefits of brown rice.

7) Maintains body weight – As per a study published in American Journal of Clinic Nutrition brown rice helps in maintaining normal body weight.

8) Relieves from stomach problems- Brown rice health benefits also include prevention of many stomach problems and ulcers. Curing diarrhea is also a health benefit of rice.

Brown rice is nutritious and with its so many health benefits, one can try making it a part of regular diet.

erm....which rice to use? Pastikan bukan beras putih biasa huhu....after habis stok beras putih, kne beli beras perang or beras merah or both & mix huhuhuhu

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