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Monday, January 21, 2013

week 32 - not feeling so well

if my hubby is not busy today, tmw & almost everyday.... mesti skrg i oredi in clinic or hosp seek for med help and get MC to rest at home.
Morning start as usual but when monday as usual there have major jemmed on the road that took us almost 2hours journey to work, my stomach started to pain (earlier i thought i am hungry) and feel dizzy.
Luckily i bring some cheese craker, so i eat them all in the car. But my stomach still pain.
I didnt tell my hubby, he oso look stress with the traffic.
Once reach office, we straight go to cafe & take breakfast.
My face really look bad & walk oso damn slow!
Its really pain, i just told my hubby like normal pain.
I have no appetite to eat my breakfast, and after breakfast i go to ladies in case its help to reduce the pain, but after have a bowel, its still pain!
Really pain, its hard for me to walk. my belly is harden. (its normal during this 2nd pregnancy)
2nd pregnancy i feel more challanging compare with the 1st one, this time even i dont have water retaintaion, but i feel pain in my lower left rib since 2nd trimester. Doc keep saying its bcoz of angin (gastric), but yesterday i found its becoz of the uterus yang menekan my rib or the baby kicked it.

I barely can walk & talk. really weak and just now i walk to the ladies & vomit all my breakfast that i took this morning..... huhuhuhu
but i feeling a bit better than before.
But the stomach pain still there.
Its same during my 1st pregnancy, 3 days before i give birth to Abbie.
Dah nak bersalin ker?
I tried to google why my stomach always hard and found it actually Braxton Hick...... again!
Actually i having braxton hick all the time. I never inform this to my gyne... should i?

Masa Abbie, i never have this experience, never feel what is braxton hick... but this time i have all the time.
And my precious son always wanted me to carry him. Can u imagine?
Daddy said, i wish the baby can born early like Abbie, pity u mommy...
Yeah me too.... huhuhu

Even i have braxton hick all the time but the baby is super active inside. More active than Abbie time.
And i guess this baby will b bigger than Abbie. Daddy said Abbie is S  size hahaha

My hubby, he very understanding one, very helpfull until recently when i measure my weight (mine 68kgs), Abbie 12kgs and daddy yang sebelum ni 102kgs dah tinggal 96kgs only!
WOW.... Can you see how much weight he lost just to help mommy with house core & taking care Abbie.
Bukan senang utk dia turunkan berat bawah 100kgs, tapi tanpa sedar, dia dah hilang 6kgs tanpa buat any senaman or diet! Tahniah daddy, thanks to Abbie & soon dapat 2nd baby hope daddy boleh turun berat 80kgs pulak deh :P

Take care & comb your hair, From Mommy Annie Tay with L.O.V.E

1 comment:

Love Razila said...

Your experiance same with i'm also 32 weeks 6days.
walk damn slow...this is my 3rd baby but this time worse for me.

i just waiting my time for deliver...can't stand longger also can't walk much :(