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I am malay with chinese husband, mommy for my precious darling Dhiya Alexander , princess Daisy Amelia and Dahlia Arianna.
“Geniuses are just people who had good mothers.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller


Monday, April 21, 2014


Hasil sleep late 2 mlm berturut2,  maka siap jugak my lovely apron and bagpack for my little princess.
Mood super happy bila bgn pagi tgk diorg pakai beg tu, omg, I feel blessed.
Koko siap ajak meimei join him to school lg hahahaha
Tapi today I feel sick :(, headache,  sore throat mcm nak demam omg, I need to drink more water and sleep!
Yes this is happen when I not enough sleep, sbb I jenis kuat tido, kalau dh ngantuk,  anak2 bising kt hall tu pun I blh tertido sampai meleleh air liur hahaahahaha

But I won't stop me to continue with next project,
I nak buat follow this list
1- tablet cover
2- koko pencils case
3- meimei pillowcases dress

Ok cukup 3 item for next week.  Cayok mommy cayokkkk
Tunjukkan kt daddy yg u have passion in your interest and use the tool wisely
Baru ada high chance to get my embroidery machine (to be specific pe770) ^_^

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