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I am malay with chinese husband, mommy for my precious darling Dhiya Alexander , princess Daisy Amelia and Dahlia Arianna.
“Geniuses are just people who had good mothers.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller


Friday, July 11, 2014

Daisy Amelia Tay ♥ 1y3m achievement

Throwback entry
My little princess during 1y3m age (skrg 1y6mos)

Let's see what she able to do.
Nampak sel2 otak nya sdg berhubung gagagaga she able to stack those containers,  I dah mula intro potty training,  and now 1y 6m dia dah x mo potty dlm mangkuk tu instead dia nk potty kat atas toilet bowl. 
Nanti I buat entry 1y6m for her and citer details tentang perjalanan potty training daisy ya.
She love books, love me to read book for her, she can speak very good compare dgn koko dulu byk yg x faham mumgkin sebab 2nd child as as anak perempuan, dia lg senang dijaga, mudah mematuhi arahan.
She love to follow apa yg koko buat, dia suka mewarna dan melukis dan tunjukkan dt mommy,  mcm koko hahaha
Yg surprise is she hold pencil dgn coordinasi yg betul!
She's very friendly especially qith her age, so mcm x sabar nk sent her to school meet up new friends but stick to our plan, only when she turn 3yrs old.

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